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Recent News - March 5, 2012: Do you find TIPS to be very useful? Does it make your job easier by finding all the technical information you need easily and having it all in one place? Are there items missing, or you cannot find things? Is there functionality that is missing? We highly encourage you to fill out our *2 Minute* FeedBack Form so that the system can continue to exist and we can work to improve it for you!

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Recent News - October 3, 2011: We're pleased to announce that the TIPS system has been successfully upgraded to the new TIPS Bookshelf version. The upgraded version of TIPS has added features, enhancements and a new user interface.

We have provided a number of training classes via WebEx prior to and after the upgrade. If you were not able to attend, we have some of the sessions recorded and available for you to download.

Recorded Sessions

Date Session Length Download Link Session Summaries
9/30/2011 Session 10 1 Hour Download More Info
9/28/2011 Session 9 1 Hour Download More Info
9/28/2011 Session 8 1 Hour Download More Info

Note: You'll need to download the free WebEx .ARF file Video Player from here.

Click here for more information about each of the recorded videos.
Click here for more information about our online training guides.

T.I.P.S or the Technical Information Portal Service, is an interactive library of electronic files used to deliver enhanced information services to customers. This tool improves both safety and productivity. The portal enables customers to operate the lowest cost per ton by providing the critical information they want, when they need it.

TIPS contains Parts Catalogs, Technical Service Manuals, Training Materials, Multimedia (photos and videos), Safety Notices and Service Bulletins.

By using TIPS to access and search your parts catalogs, you can create shopping carts and export them to excel. You can annotate and attach files to parts books. You can distille a pdf of any page, chapter or even the entire book.


TIPS contains Technical Service Manauals. You can search and easily find the manual you're looking for, and also search within to easily and quickly find the information you need when you need it.


TIPS contains a number of different training items including Info and Flow materials, 3-dimensional step by step procedures, classroom activites and more.


The TIPS multimedia library contains both photos and videos. Enhance your knowledge by utilizing these items as visual and educational resources.


Centralized online access to safety notices. TIPS allows you quick and easy access to all of the Joy Safety Notices so that you can operate your machines in a safe and efficient manner.


Quick and easy access to Joy's service bulletins. TIPS allows you to easily find and locate service bulletins that apply to your equipment so that you can operate your machines in a safe and efficient manner.



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